Hey Dad

Hey Dad,

It’s been a minute. Hope things are going well with you, wherever you are. I hope you’re somewhere with Grandma and Papou eating fantastic food. Maybe you meet Gordie Howe for lunch every once in a while. Maybe you and Soupy Sales host a radio show on Sundays. Or maybe you’re just gone and I’m talking to the void. But, even if I am just doing that, I’m going to keep at it because it makes me feel better. 

A lot has changed since you left. We had a black president. He was great. This next guy can rot. Everyone has a cellphone now. And we text message instead of doing that Nextel walkie talkie thing you were obsessed with.

Eddie works for the NFL. He’s worked for almost every single pro sport which is insane. He works so hard. He’s grown into a great man and an even better brother. Since we were kids, it’s often felt like us against the world. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Oh by the way, the past three years, I’ve gotten really into basketball. I wish I had discovered my love for the game sooner, while you were still around. I wish I could sit with you and watch games. Maybe this past Christmas, we would have sat together and watched the Warriors/Cavaliers game. If I had to guess, I think you’d like Steph Curry. I mean, it’s hard not to. 

Eddie surprised me this year with a floor seat to a Warriors/Pistons game in Detroit. See what I mean about him being a great brother? It was in the top five best nights of my life. I love basketball so much now that I kick myself daily for never getting into sportscasting. It’s fun for me to discover a passion that you were passionate about too. Seeing shades of you in Eddie and I brings such a unique feeling of pride and sadness. It’s all we have now. Just shades and memories.

I told my friend, Bridget, the story about when we were at the bank, and a truck cut you off and you yelled “Nice cut, Chevy!” out the window. Hands down one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. But, in turn, it also made Bridget and I howl with laughter. So I guess my momentary embarrassment was worth the joy that story brought us.

Eddie, Shane, Britt and I are still as close as ever. You, Aunt Krysty, and Grandma and Grandpa really nailed the whole extended family time together thing.

 I’ll never forget that the minute you passed away, the only person I wanted to hug was Brittany. She’s one of the only people I tell everything to. You’d be so proud of the woman she’s turned into as well. We really fucking lucked out in the family department. Sorry for swearing.

There’s a new rapper named Chance. I really love him and I think you would too. Well, you’d like his third album. Probably not the first two. Anyway, there’s a line in one of his songs that goes “I got angels all around me; they keep me surrounded” and sometimes (even though it sounds super saccharine), that’s what my life feels like.

I don’t have a Dad anymore and that sucks. But I am lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love me. I hope that wherever you are, it brings you some level of comfort to know that. Also, I laugh so much, Pops. Like…so much.

I would shave years off of my own life if it meant I got to spend one more hour with you. I miss you and love you every day. “Oh, I can’t wait to see you again…it’s only a matter of time.

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One Response to Hey Dad

  1. Sue Baldock says:

    This was a beautiful letter to your dad. Although we don’t know each other, I remember that little girl running thru her grandpa’s garden in Royal Oak (along with Eddie, of course). My family lived in back of your mom/aunt/uncle’s family. I remember when your ma was born (yes, I’m that fracking old). You’ve turned into a wonderful person; I’m still Facebook friends with your ma and I know how proud she is of both of you, Carys too. Be well and succeed.

    Sue Baldock

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