25-year-old “actress, writer” & Gryffindor. I put actress and writer in quotes because I feel like I’m playing make-believe if I don’t and yet, Gryffindor gets none.

If you feel like reading even MORE stuff that I write, feel free to check out my twitter. If you’d like to contact me about career opportunities, please contact me at: hollisjane7@gmail.com.

Currently living in Los Angeles.


8 Responses to About

  1. Anna B says:

    You are a BEAUTIFUL girl!

  2. Maxine Page says:

    Hey Hollis, I would love to talk to you about blogging for Popdust about your experience of working in Hollywood.. please drop me a line if you are interested… max@popdust.com

  3. Corvidae says:

    Hey! I LOOOOOOOOVE your writing style! I am seriously cracking up here reading through your old posts. It’s a wonderful balance of humor and sincerity. Your personality really shines through, and I’d totally love you hang out with you cause it’s amazeballs. 😉 Please please please write more!!!

  4. Dott Simpson says:

    Hi! I hope I don’t bother or come off as rude for bringing up something related to your height: I’m currently starting to sketch up a very short artsy comic which I will inevitably post on tumblr and DA about a vigilante superhero who is a LP. I’m looking for opinions on this from actual little people because I don’t want to screw up and make something which comes off as hurtful. Thank you 🙂

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